• Dave Wilson

Shared Thoughts With AgilityIO COO + MotusTips: 3-Part Video Series

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Although the tech world can be cutthroat and a nasty place, come take a 5 minute break from scrolling your endless feed and watch AgilityIO talk end-to-end development solutions and recent accomplishments with Arkady Fridman, Founder of Motus Media as part of the 3-part video series: Motus Tips.

Why? Well, because AgilityIO COO, Jordan Wexler breaks down a few key points on how to establish collaboration and communication, adapting our own version of “Agile Methodology” in the workplace. Having just celebrated 7 years in business, landing over 200 clients and close to 50,000 bowls of ramen later; the Software Development company (specializing in iOS/Android App and Web platforms) is becoming a frontrunner in highlighting the importance of user-experience for clients all over the world. Not to mention the all but necessary schmooze and booze business trips to our Development offices in Da Nang. (Gotta have the right balance of work hard/play hard!)

One main point that Jordan emphasizes is how vital it is for success in the digital landscape to have all capabilities under the same roof so an Agile approach can be fully maximized.

Motus Tips Part 1: Jordan Wexler of AgilityIO

Jordan proposes a captivating thought to the tech Innovators and Entrepreneurs of the world:

“I truly believe that as we move forward with technology, the complexity of platforms continues to increase; and of course the integration with machine learning and really understanding the data that we are accumulating now… which is just unheard of. Of course data alone is useless, how do you turn that into valuable meaning? How do you really... control and centralize it into a space that can produce outcomes and solutions?”

Motus Tips Part 2: Steps of Process

AgilityIO works with clients in 3-phases when developing digital products. First things first, the Business Development team examines the importance of early planning and identifying the three core pillars of any project: Cost, Time and Scope. Then, AgilityIO and the client attack the whiteboard and define target demographics with clear user personas. Next, AgilityIO moves onto UX/UI design, completed at the NYC headquarters and always encourages clients to get users involved as early as possible. Communication between the team and client is continuous throughout as the next stage of development kicks-off.

In the Part 3 of Motus Tips, Jordan reveals one of AgilityIO’s recent projects. In the fall of 2017, AgilityIO collaborated with Tize Technologies to launch Accomplice: an “All in one, crowd sourced on-demand tool”. This app can be a lifesaver for the reader that orders take-out, calls a car, books a reservation or in other words... lives vicariously through their phone. The mobile marketplace app combines rideshare and car services apps (Lyft and Flit), food delivery services (delivery.com) and crowd-sources restaurant reviews from Yelp.

For now it is only out on iOS, sorry Android users..

Guess you’ll have to keep multitasking. ;-)

Watch the full series continued on Motus Media’s YouTube page:

Motus Tips Part 3: Accomplice App