• Dave Wilson

What We Loved From WWDC 18

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

So Clean.. So Lovely.. So Apple..

macOS: Mojave Wallpaper

Today we sat in AgilityIO NYC offices and watched the live stream of Apple’s 2018 Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC18) inaugural keynote presentation.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook and his overly joyful product designers and developers from various (job descriptions) backgrounds shared the stage for 2+ hours of innovation and upgrades; ranging from visual UI Design changes to full software overhauls and partnerships with global brands to further push the future of the Apple experience.

In all, there were design upgrades for all ages and digital competency levels. A personal AgilityIO fave is the new “Dark Mode” theme for macOS … which is called Mojave. The presenters even joked that for nearly a decade, Apple has been naming its OS after the mountainous ranges in Cali.. and before that they used jungle cats.

There are a few sites available to live stream the remainder of the conference, but we went all in and downloaded the “unofficial” app that offers live streaming of this weeks' product discoveries, and downloading of WWDC presentations dating back to 2014.

So, without further ado.. iOS12 is HERE!

  • Screentime ~ The iPhone can now monitor (with deep analytical data) how long you use apps and puts a timer... that correlates across all devices and creates a weekly reports of app usage. (An enhanced version of Do Not Disturb)

  • iOS12 can strategically increase / decrease processing speeds based on app usage.

  • Apple's Animoji, has new icons, and now Memoji, which let you create a cartoon version of you.

  • Apple Stocks ~ integrating with Apple News, joins the Mac App Store and offers after hours trading information.

Siri is putting in WORK

  • Siri Shortcuts ~ A feature that lets you create command prompts for specific apps. Siri remembers important tasks of your day, helps you organize and even handles damage control. (Yet still.. Siri can’t call the salon and prank the receptionist)

  • Siri will also offer suggestions on your phone and Apple Watch for activities based on your regular use, like a fitness app for when you hit the gym at a certain time of day.

  • Oh, btw Siri also now has an Indian accent

ARKit 2.0 is for kids now.. Sorta

  • Apple partnered up with Lego to create an immersive AR gaming experience that combines physical and digital creations through the lens of an iPad, for up to 4 players in one space.

  • Other Augmented Realities - trying on clothes using your avatar and AR visuals bring the imagination of novels to life.

  • Ability to scale and measure right angles with the Apple camera lens.

Yup.. that's a VR ruler

Photos x FaceTime = Ready To Party!

  • Photos for iOS already determines faces and locations… now Photos will recommend pics to swap with recommended contacts based on facial and location recognition.

  • FaceTime ~ Group calls with up to 32 contacts in one call (double that of SnapChat). The interface changes per user, enlarging whomever is speaking.

  • Did we mention customizable Memoji’s -- an “animoji AR self-portrait” are a thing now?

MacOS: Mojave by night

  • MacOS Mojave features Dark Mode which was designed with code engineers in mind to differentiate between colors.

  • Desktop Stacks ~ For those of us who have 300 icons and folders consuming our desktop, Mojave now has a built-in desktop organizer... organizing items by kind or group (why didn’t ya'll think of that before?!)

  • Preview” has gone next level with in app editing, customizable video recording and photo screen grabs. Snaps dock to your desktop as a thumbnail, but can be seamlessly dragged into your working document.

  • Dynamic Desktop - Mojave background and screen lighting transitions throughout the day like the setting Sun... (cute, real cute)

Mac App Store gets a facelift

  • The full Microsoft Office and Adobe CSS Suites are some of the apps coming to the App Store...That is all.

The Keynote as you know was over 2 hours long so for more intel and the latest: The Verge has a full team dedicated to providing constantly updated content on the conference running until June 8th!

Update For Developers:

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